Joanna Josephson of Arizona Offers Advice on a Business Lunch

Have you ever had a business lunch? Joanna Josephson of Arizona has, and she’s going to offer some tips and tricks to keep the business lunch casual, entertaining, and productive. She suggests the following:

  • Plan beforehand. Business lunches can be confusing, Joanna Josephson of Arizona admits. It’s hard to guess who will end up paying or what to order. It’s a good idea to have your order planned out beforehand, so time isn’t wasted looking at the menu. (Try to order something that isn’t terribly messy to eat.) Also, if you’re the host, you should pay. You can avoid awkwardness by giving the restaurant your credit card in advance, so that way there’s no banter about which card the server takes.
  • Wait for the other. If you’re the first at the restaurant, it’s better to wait up front for other guests to arrive so you can sit together. Otherwise, it can be difficult for the other party to find you, Joanna Josephson of Arizona says.
  • Don’t play by gender rules. Joanna Josephson of Arizona says that if you’re a woman, don’t assume that the man is going to pay or that you can’t make suggestions. If you’re the host, take control in this area.
  • When to bring up business? Joanna Josephson of Arizona says that this really depends on whom you’re talking with. If you don’t know the other party at all, it’s generally better to do more small talk to get to know them. If it’s a long-time business partner, you can cut to the chase a little faster. If you’re unsure, Joanna Josephson of Arizona says, you can always wait until they bring it up… or wait for the natural cue of after-meal coffee.

With these tips, Joanna Josephson of Arizona knows your next business lunch will go great.


Joanna Josephson of Arizona on Why Professional Societies Are Great

Joanna Josephson of Arizona is a member of several professional societies, including the Phoenix Association of Realtors, the Arizona Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors. Joanna Josephson of Arizona recommends that everybody join a professional society in their industry. These are the reasons why:

  • Professional societies are great for networking. Professional societies often have meet ups, Joanna Josephson of Arizona says. There’s no better place to visit and see who else is in your industry. After all, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know!
  • Professional societies often offer chances for further education and development in the field. Joanna Josephson of Arizona says that the Phoenix Association of Realtors offers in-person classes as well as online classes. These help the members of the society stay on top of the industry and be first-class.
  • Professional societies often help with reputation. If a company or individual is associated with a trustworthy society, this also adds trustworthiness to the joiner, Joanna Josephson of Arizona says. After all, why do so many people join the Better Business Bureau? It makes them more trustworthy!
  • Professional societies often come with legal benefits. Joanna Josephson of Arizona knows that the Phoenix Association of Realtors offers legal support to its members. This can be invaluable if there’s ever a situation where advice is needed.
  • Professional societies can offer vital discounts on things like insurance. Some professional societies offer insurance or other benefits that can be extremely useful to their members, Joanna Josephson of Arizona says. Make sure to shop around and see which professional societies offer which benefits before joining.

Joanna Josephson of Arizona believes that everybody should be involved in a professional society.

Joanna Josephson of Arizona on How to Dress Professionally

Joanna Josephson of Arizona is a successful real estate agent in the Phoenix area. Joanna Josephson of Arizona knows that her success has much to do with her professional appearance and demeanor. While it’s important to also act professionally, Joanna Josephson of Arizona knows that first impressions are worth quite a lot.


Here are some of Joanna Josephson of Arizona’s suggestions on how to dress professionally as a woman:


  • Don’t forget your audience. Depending on whom you are working for, the unspoken “rules” can be different, Joanna Josephson of Arizona says. There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to appropriate professional attire. If you work at an investment bank, you’ll need a conservative suit. Professional dress for a schoolteacher, however, is far different.


  • Get your clothing tailored. Don’t feel bad if nothing fits you off the shelf, Joanna Josephson of Arizona says. Just like there’s no “one size fits all” for workplaces, there’s also no one size fits all for bodies. Most people who look extra sharp get their clothes tailored to their bodies.


  • Don’t go trendy. Of course, if you work in fashion, this doesn’t apply. However, if you work in anything else, it might be a good idea to give that purple suit a pass.


  • However, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Just because it’s a good idea to go timeless with style doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to break the mold a bit, Joanna Josephson of Arizona says. Try wearing different colored scarves, or fun prints.


Joanna Josephson of Arizona hopes that her suggestions help women everywhere look great and feel good.

Joanna Josephson Arizona: Doing Her Homework

Joanna Josephson of Arizona is a professional real estate agent, and an affiliate of the Phoenix Association of Realtors. She has been a real estate agent since 2008.

Joanna Josephson of Arizona is successful as a real estate agent because she is a hard working and self-motivated individual. She has learned the importance of understanding the local market. Joanna Josephson of Arizona knows the history of the locations where she represents clients, whether they are buyers or sellers. She has learned the importance of putting in the long hours it takes to stay ahead of the competition. Joanna Josephson of Arizona does her homework.

She is also successful because she is so committed to each of her clients. Joanna Josephson of Arizona guides homebuyers through the intricacies of pricing, mortgages, and market conditions. She shows them how to price their home accurately, and how to make it as appealing as possible to would-be buyers. It all takes a lot of time and hard work, but Joanna Josephson of Arizona knows that it pays off in the end.

Joanna Josephson of Arizona commits herself just as completely to those clients who are buying. She generates lists of properties that best fit their needs, and are in the locations where they want to live. Once they find a house they are interested in, Joanna Josephson of Arizona helps them negotiate the offer through a successful outcome.

Joanna Josephson of Arizona has put a lot of time and effort into becoming the success that she is today, and enjoys the freedom that comes with being her own boss.

Joanna Josephson Arizona: Knowing the Market

Joanna Josephson of Arizona has been a professional real estate agent since 2008, and she has found that it is an excellent match with her skillset. As a professional real estate agent, Joanna Josephson of Arizona advises each of her clients on prices, mortgages, and the current state of the real estate market. It is her job to help sellers determine a price for their house that is fair and accurate, and to make the house as appealing to potential buyers as it possible can be. When it comes to buyers, she guides them toward those homes that best fit their individual needs by showing them a list of properties in their price range and in the areas where they are looking. As a people person, reaching a satisfactory outcome for her clients is one of the most fulfilling parts of her job.

Joanna Josephson of Arizona knows that in order for her to be successful at real estate, she has to know the market. This is where he affiliation with the Phoenix Association of Realtors has helped her a lot. With that affiliation she is able to know available locations and their histories, and she has to keep on top of new developments in the market. Most important to homebuyers, Joanna Josephson of Arizona has to know everything about the area where her clients are looking. This is the knowledge that helps her stay one step ahead of the competition.

Joanna Josephson of Arizona is a successful real estate agent because of her commitment to excellence.

Joanna Josephson of Arizona: Factors that Affect Home Sales

Despite high expectations, Sometimes a home just won’t sell. This is contrary to a common seller idea that they live in fast-paced real estate market, one where every property in their neighborhood sells as soon as it hits the market. There may be several reasons, says real estate expert Joanna Josephson of Arizona, why your home’s sale is taking longer than expected

One common reason that homes don’t sell quickly, says Joanna Josephson of Arizona, is that they are listed at the wrong prices. Any real estate professional worth his or her salt, says Joanna Josephson of AZ, knows the value of Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA, and knows how to use that analysis to determine a price which gives the home the best chance to attract buyers. As Joanna Josephson of Arizona states, a qualified real estate professional depends on comprehensive statistical analysis and data to determine a home’s selling price before it becomes available to buyers.

Though it may seem obvious, another reason a home might not be selling is its general condition. Many people may believe their home is in presentable, even sellable shape, says Joanna Josephson of Arizona, though they are often unaware of the need to make necessary home improvements and to improve curb appeal in order to make the home’s appearance appealing to prospective buyers. A homeowner’s expectations, she says, can often overshadow the reality, which has the potential to dissuade buyers from considering the home.

Marketing, says Joanna Josephson of Arizona, is key. Bad or inadequate marketing, such as blurry or poorly-shot photos on a home’s listing, can leave a bad first impression on a potential homebuyer.

Before Buying a New Home, Determine Future Resale Value, says Joanna Josephson of Arizona

Anyone considering the purchase of a new home should perhaps consider its potential resale value. According to Joanna Josephson of Arizona, longtime real estate professional, a prospective home buyer might want to think twice about a home’s resale potential before making a purchasing decision. Making a determination of a new home’s future asking price, says Joanna Josephson of Arizona, is a great way to make a smart and long-term property investment.

According to Joanna Josephson of Arizona, there are a number of factors that play into a home’s future resale value. Homebuyers, she says, should first consider the home’s location as a future resale value determinant. Location is many times the first consideration for future homebuyers. Location is a major influence, says Joanna Josephson of Arizona, because people tend to look for homes near easy access to transportation, such as major roads and highways, places of work, retail storefronts and quality schools. Both the present and future quality of the home’s location, she states, should be important considerations to anyone looking to make a major home purchase.

Another way to estimate the future value of a home, says Joanna Josephson of Arizona, is to look into the views, or access to views, the home will provide a new homebuyer. New homebuyers, which may even include yourself, tend to find homes with scenic views far more appealing. The potential for future view obstruction, such as the possibility of future construction projects, should also be a consideration. Though views aren’t necessarily a major factor for all prospective homebuyers, says Joanna Josephson of Arizona, they can be an essential factor in a buyer’s decision making process.